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When Can I Wash My Eyebrows After Microblading

Microblading is a 2-step procedure, which means it requires a touch up session 4-8 weeks after the initial treatment. The amount of work at the touch up depends on how successful the retention of the pigment was and what changes need to be made. It is advisable to be careful around your brows after the touch up and act exactly the same as after the initial treatment. Blot the lymph (clear fluid on brows) gently on the first day and keep cleaning your brows carefully during the aftercare period.

When Can I Wash My Hair After Microblading? Washing your hair without getting your eyebrows wet can be very tricky. Therefore, you need to avoid washing your hair for at least 3 days after the treatment, and after that be extremely careful not to get your brows wet.

Washing Your Brows: 1st Day When you ask when can I wash my eyebrows after microblading, most professional artists advise keeping your microbladed eyebrows dry for 2-3 hours after the treatment. After that, you may notice some fluid on your brows, that looks like beads of sweat. That is lymph coming from the wound. The lymph needs to be removed. On the first day, clean your brows 2-3 times with a cotton pad with a little bit of sterile water to absorb excess lymph fluid.

Washing Your Microbladed Brows: Days 2-10 Now you can wash your microbladed brows but still need to be very very careful. How do you wash them now? No rubbing, just gentle motions. Cleanse them with antibacterial soap and water and tap with a tissue to dry your brows.

It is important to apply only a thin layer of the recommended ointment, not to clog the wound. Also, apply it before a shower so you protect the brows from the water.

What Happens if I Don’t Wash My Brows After Microblading? The wound needs to be cleaned. Not cleansing your brows and leaving the fluid dry will cause a crust to form. Some scabbing is normal, but not cleaning off the lymph and leaving the brows dry can lead to excessive scabbing. The scabs that fall off can pull out the pigment and affect retention.

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