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  • Why do people opt for permanent make up?
    This treatment is used to give realistic hair stroke effects to eyebrows, enabling a thicker and fuller appearance without the need to apply make-up on a daily basis. Some of the most common reasons why people turn to microblading are to change the shape of their brows, to improve definition, to add colour and density, as well as to replace brows that have been lost through medical treatment or over plucking. Furthermore, since results can last for up to 18 months, it enables you to experience a high quality finish without the need for much maintenance.
  • Do I need to take time off work after my treatment?
    Not unless you choose to do so. You should be able to get straight back to work immediately after your treatment. Your return to work might be affected following the Lash Enhancement or Eyeliner treatment if your work requires you to drive immediately after treatment. Driving immediately after eye procedures is not advised; therefore you should make alternative travel arrangements.
  • What does the treatment involve?
    During the Consultation which is a part of your treatment day visit, we will discuss your requirements, what you want to achieve and the result that will best suit you. We will take into consideration your lifestyle, image, skin tone, hair, and facial features. Then we will select a matching pigment or custom blend pigment colours to match your requirements during this design stage. The actual treatment itself involves gently implanting microscopic particles of pigment into layers of the skin with either a micro or nano blade or shader ( eyebrows) or micro or nano needles ( eyebrows, eyeliners, lips, scalp, scars and beauty spots). A second appointment to review the healed result is included in the price and needed in order to complete the treatment with any little adjustments that might be required. This usually takes place after 6 weeks - 12 weeks after the initial treatment. Beauty spots treatments are 1 visit only and don't require a follow up visit. SMP treatments are packaged into 2 or 3 visits usually.
  • Does permanent makeup or microblading hurt?
    Here at Lily Rose Beauty Clinic we take great care in ensuring that all of our clients are as comfortable throughout the process as possible. We use numbing cream at the very start of the appointment to ensure your comfort.
  • Can I wear makeup after the treatment?
    Please do not wear any makeup on or around the area treated for at least 7 days.
  • How long will it last?
    This often varies from person to person due to different factors which can include skin type, products and cosmetics routine, diet, smoking, metabolism, genetics and environmental factors. Sun bed use and sun exposure also have a bearing on pigment retention, but this can be prevented with proper protection. Generally, darker colours remain in your skin for a little longer, whilst lighter colours are often more vulnerable to the effects of factors such as the sun or swimming pools. Your body’s natural responses also break down the pigment particles. As a guide, it could be anything between 1 - 3 years for Permanent Makeup / Microblading and 2-5 years for Scalp before a new treatment is required , although refresher colour boosts are recommended for maintenance between 9-12 months from the original treatment, for which a discounted price is offered. Once the colour starts to fade you will know that you are ready for your refresher colour boost. On average eyebrows and lips will start to fade sooner ( 9-12 months); eyeliners ( 1-2 years), SMP (2-5 years).
  • What is your health and safety policy?
    The Government has recently amended the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 by means of the Local Government Act, 2003 (Section 120), to give LAs new specific powers to regulate businesses providing semi-permanent skin-colouring (e.g. micropigmentation, semi-permanent makeup and temporary tattooing) and cosmetic piercing (body piercing and ear piercing). This change in the law came into force on the 1 April 2004. This extends the powers that local authorities already had in relation to tattooing, ear piercing, electrolysis and acupuncture. The Department of Health has published guidance about the change in the law: Local Government Act 2003: Regulation of cosmetic piercing and skin-colouring businesses – guidance on section `120 and Schedule 6. The document can be downloaded from The Department of Health website[2]. the premises for special treatment having to be licensed, the therapist who provides the treatment also has to be registered with the council.In accordance with Standard Condition 9(a) for special treatment licences issued under Part II of the Uttlesford Local Authorities Act 1991, Any person working in an establishment licensed for the provision of special treatments must themselves be registered with the City Council for the provision of those treatments.A further useful publication by Uttlesford Council entitled advise and safe practice can be downloaded from the Uttlesford Council Website
  • Can I have laser hair removal after a treatment?
    You must inform your laser technician that you are wearing Permanent Cosmetics prior to the treatment and they will act accordingly to accommodate for this. Laser hair removal can fade and change the shade of your lip and brow treatment if conducted around the same area.
  • ​What results can I expect?
    You will get the most natural looking eyebrows with the shape to your unique features to enhance your beauty.
  • Can I drink alcohol prior to my treatment?
    No. It is required that you do not drink alcohol the day before, or on the day of your treatment. This can affect pigment retention.
  • Do you do hair strokes or powder or ombre brows?
    I am a promoter of very realistic and natural looking Permanent Cosmetics. For brows I can imitate natural brow hairs, whether you have any or not. Alternatively, if you desire a powder/ ombre effect, that can also be achieved. I will work with you to achieve the perfect brow style for you.
  • Will you need to remove any of my natural brow hairs?
    The idea is to work with whatever brow hairs you have. It’s often incorrectly assumed that brow hairs need to be shaved off for Permanent Cosmetics treatments. This is not the case! The only time brow hairs may need to be removed (twizzled) is if there is any errant growth which needs tidying up, either through tweezing or plucking.
  • Will I need to tweeze and/or tint my brows in the future?
    You might do, depending on what’s there already, as you must remember that Semi-Permanent Makeup does not affect the hair growth or colour of your own hair in any way. It only colours the skin under the hair.
  • Can I have my brows waxed before having a brow treatment?
    Yes, but any waxing should be performed at least 48 hours before the treatment or even longer if possible.
  • Do I have to have all my eyebrows shaved off?
    No. It’s better to keep your own brows, I advise not to even tweeze them before you come in so we can review your natural shape. I always try to work with what you have there already and subtly integrate the design to suit your natural brow style.
  • Will my brows look very dark after the treatment?
    The colour intensity will be significantly sharper and darker immediately after the treatment. This will subside and become lighter as the skin heals. This process can take up to 10 days.
  • Should I bring my brow pencil or wear my usual make up?
    Yes, it can be useful to see what colour tones and shape you usually choose for your brows, but you don’t have to.
  • Can I have electrolysis on my brows before having a brow treatment?
    Yes, but you should wait a minimum of fourteen days after having electrolysis before attending the brow Microblading or Permanent Makeup treatment.
  • I’ve had my lashes tinted / permed, can I still have an eye treatment?"
    It’s advised that any eyelash tinting or perming should be carried out at least a week before, or two weeks after the treatment.
  • Will I need to arrange someone to drive me home after having an eye treatment?
    It’s possible that your eyes could be a little watery after the treatment. As you are advised not to drive yourself following any eye treatments, please arrange alternative travel arrangements.
  • Can I apply mascara after the treatment?
    It’s advised to wait until the treatment area has healed before applying makeup on the treated area. If you have had an eye treatment new mascara is also recommended.
  • Will my eyeliner look very dark after the treatment?
    The colour intensity will be significantly sharper and darker immediately after the treatment. The look can be compared with an evening eyeliner look. This will subside and become lighter as the skin heals. This process can take up to 10 days.
  • Will my eyes swell a lot after the treatment?
    They may, but the swelling is relatively minimal and usually lasts for up to 12 to 24 hours after the treatment. Ice packs can be used to minimise this.
  • Will I need to remove my eye makeup for the treatment?
    Yes, you will need to remove eye makeup prior to any eye treatment. However, please wear your usual makeup for the appointment so I can see your style.
  • Should I bring my favourite eyeliner pencil?
    You can but you don’t have to. If you wish a particular colour tone of eyeliner pencil to be replicated, please bring it with you to the treatment. This will help to custom blend an appropriate Permanent Cosmetics pigment.
  • I have sensitive eyes and I’m worried about blinking and my eyes watering during the treatment. Is that an issue?
    This is not a problem; it’s actually a normal concern by first time clients but nothing to worry about.
  • I have a history of cold sores, can I have a lip treatment?"
    If you have a history of cold sores (herpes simplex) it’s advised that you contact your General Practitioner to obtain the proper prescription medication to prevent such outbreaks, or obtain and use your regular medication from your local chemist. You should begin using the medication one week before and continue one week after your treatment. This will help to minimise an outbreak.
  • Will the lips treatment hurt?
    Topical numbing cream is used throughout the treatment, to minimise the discomfort but lips can be a little more sensitive than brows or eyes. This is due to the larger surface area and greater blood supply.
  • Should I bring my favourite lipstick?
    If you wish to achieve your favourite lipstick look, please bring it with you to the treatment. We will custom blend appropriate Permanent Cosmetics pigments.
  • Are there any foods I should avoid after the treatment?
    If you have had a lip treatment, you should avoid eating spicy and salty foods until the area has healed. You should also drink liquids through a straw and eat all foods with a fork to avoid any possible infection or discomfort.
  • I have a cold sore on my lip at the moment; can I have a lip treatment?
    No. The lips must be fully healed in order for a Permanent Cosmetics lip treatment to be performed.
  • What will my lips look like immediately after the treatment?
    You may experience some swelling and redness immediately after the treatment. After this you may experience tenderness, flaking, dryness, swelling and redness for approximately 2-5 days after the treatment. If you are feeling less than 100% healthy it may take longer for your treatment to heal and symptoms may appear more prominent.
  • Can permanent cosmetics cause cold sores?
    No, Permanent Cosmetics do not cause or create cold sores, however, if you carry the virus, it lays dormant in the body and can be aroused by the treatment.
  • Can I have a lip wax or bleaching treatment before a lip treatment?
    Yes you can but a lip wax or bleaching treatment cannot be undertaken for at least two weeks prior to your Permanent Cosmetics lip treatment.
  • How will the area look after the treatment?
    You can expect an instant visible hair imitation result. You will experience some redness and soreness of the area, which usually lasts a couple of days.Immediately after the procedure, the pigment dots will appear darker. Between the 5th and 10th day after the procedure the pigment may “disappear”, which is to be expected as the pigment will get obscured by new skin cells, which is a natural part of the healing process. That can last for up to four weeks before the pigment “reappears” to its true colour. Over subsequent sessions we can improve the definition and shape of your hairline. I aim to achieve a natural looking outcome that compliments your facial shape and features.
  • How long does the Scalp procedure take?
    The scalp procedure can take from 2 to 6 hours depending on the amount of hair loss, size of the treated area and will require 2-4 sessions with a 4 week minimum gap between procedures. This will be discussed during your pre-treatment consultation.
  • Is there anything I shouldn’t do before or after the Scalp procedure?
    Before: no alcohol consumption for at least 24 hours prior to the treatment (this can affect pigment retention), no hair dyes at least 10 days prior to the treatment, no Botox or any other injectable at least 2 weeks prior to the treatment.After: exercise is not recommended during the 5 days after treatment; no shaving of the scalp for 7 days; no washing of the scalp for 3 days. Avoid chlorinated swimming pools for 1 month. You’ll need to wear good sunscreen on sunny days to protect the pigment from fading as a part of your regular maintenance.
  • For Men or for Women?
    There is a common misconception that Scalp Micropigmentation is just for men.Women can also experience medical conditions such as alopecia and baldness as well as thinning hair due to past hair treatment damage, hormonal changes, hair products, poor diet or pregnancy. Femininity is often associated with hair and it can be devastating when hair loss becomes visible.For a treatment price indication without consultation please send photos of your head to
  • Do I need to inform you of other procedures in the area?
    Yes, as it might affect the outcome and time scale/allowances of your Micropigmentation procedure.
  • What about the shape, design of my hairline?"
    We will work together to design the best hairline shape for your features. You can also bring a picture of your hairline from the past. Special wax pencils will be used to draw the shape of the hairline on your skin. We will only go ahead with the treatment once we are both happy with the design.
  • Do I need to shave my head following the procedure and how often?
    For fully bald or partially bald clients, it is recommended to maintain a freshly-shaved or cropped look, so you might be required to shave every 2-3 days and you can do that yourself at home. You can start shaving your hair 7 days after the treatment date.For patients with thinning hair or patches, specific advice will be provided at the consultation but you should be able to keep your hair at the desired length.
  • Is the procedure suitable to Alopecia sufferers?
    Yes it is. We can’t make your hair grow back through micropigmentation but we can simulate the look/impression of the hair on the affected areas, regardless of the length of your hair, short, long or none. Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis are known to cause hair loss across the entire body and can be devastating, seriously affecting your confidence and self-esteem. We can work together to recreate the impression of hair including a natural and realistic looking hairline.Androgenic Alopecia (male/female pattern baldness) and Alopecia Areate can cause thinning of the hair and patchy hair loss. The condition affects an estimated 6.5 million people as reported by the NHS. The causes can vary from poor nutrition and medical side effects with a majority of cases being hereditary.With Micropigmentation we can create an illusion of hair growth across the whole area and for the patches we can optically reduce the contrast between your natural hair and the skin.
  • Is the SMP treatment painful?
    Some people are more sensitive than others and it’s important that we together establish your comfort level.
  • How long will the result last?
    A majority of Scalp Micropigmentation treatments are Semi-Permanent and will require regular maintenance. The effect should last between 1 and 3 years, thereafter a top up/ booster treatment is recommended to maintain the desired look.
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